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All orders and purchases made through this online shop are subject to the Online Shopping Terms and Conditions outlined below. These Online Shopping Terms and Conditions may change from time to time without prior notice, at our discretion.

PT. Bumi Biru is the only authorized user of the brand Kapal-Laut Your Essential Jewellery and Blink by Kapal-Laut. Other online shops using "Kapal-Laut","Kapal-Laut Your Essential Jewellery", "Blink by Kapal-Laut", "Outlet by Kapal-Laut" brands are not to be trusted and PT. Bumi Biru will not be responsible for their behaviour, policies, prices or product quality.

This retail online shop is owned and operated by PT. Bumi Biru. All orders and purchases made through the facilities of this online shop shall be subject to these Online Shopping Terms and Conditions.

PT. Bumi Biru  operates also stores on some online marketplaces (Tokopedia and Shopee), and these marketplace stores sell exactly the same products as this online shop.

We may correct errors or inaccuracies and change or update information on this online shop at any time without notice, including in respect of prices and availability of items. As a general policy, online shop prices and brick-and-mortar shops prices are the same. No customer claim will be accepted in the unlikely event of price discrepancies between online and  brick-and-mortar shops, and we reserve the right to update the prices once the discrepancies have been found and solved.

All prices listed on this online shop are subject to confirmation. We will notify you by email if the confirmed price of an item you have selected differs from the price listed on the online shop or on your purchase order. All prices are Ex Works Denpasar (so, do not include shipping costs or import taxes and duties when appropiatte).

We do reserve the right to limit the quantities of certain items which you, your family or any group can purchase. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver items as quickly as possible and within any time periods indicated; however, we will not be responsible for any delays in delivery which are beyond its control. If goods are not available or there is a delay in delivery we will notify the customers within 5 business days.

In the event that we choose not to ship an item for any reason, you will be notified by email and any amount charged will be credited or refunded at our only discretion.

This online shop accepts PayPal, debit and credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discovery) and any other payment system available at our Indonesian Payment Gateways (Xendit, Midtrans).

All financial transactions are processed by external payment gateway providers (PayPal, Xendit and Midtrans). 

During the checkout process you will be redirected to the external payment gateway to pay. 

After payment verification haa been completed by the payment gateway your order will then be processed. 

You do not have to be registered with PayPal in order to make a payment by credit card. If you would like to pay by credit card, choose PayPal as a payment option and follow the instructions. If you are registered with PayPal, you can pay using PayPal Express checkout.

Payments are secured by the payment gateways. This ensures you that this online shop do not receive, store nor read your financial, bank account or credit card details. If any other user intercepts the communication, they will only be able to view the encrypted form. This makes it impossible to be intercepted by an unauthorised party as long as your browser supports the use of encrypted data transmissions. To ensure the best user experience, keep your browser and operating system up-to-date.